Food & Beverage


Filtration Solutions

Work dynamics have changed, companies must evolve faster to meet market demands and maintain high levels of quality and productivity. If production objectives are to be achieved, factors such as the functionality and reliability of the processes become indispensable. At BEA Technologies we are committed to ensuring the highest quality of our products and the reproducibility of the customer’s production processes. We create filtration systems that are the result of careful design and construction in order to provide reliable, flexible systems that are easily adaptable to the needs of production.

At Bea Technologies we supply micro-filtration systems for compressed liquids and gases to FOOD & BEVERAGE industries, that bottle Soft Drinks, Wine & Spirits, Beer. We developed  solutions that respond to the daily needs of the beverage industry, thanks to our knowledge and expertise in specific industrial applications, such as tank blanketing, pre-filtration, microbiological stabilisation and polishing of the products; we also improved production efficiency by reducing processing times.


  • Bottle rinsing water
  • Sugar dissolving and glucose treatments
  • Syrups and beverages polishing
  • Soft drink carbonation
  • Tank blanketing


  • Cellar treatments
  • Tartrates removals
  • Cold microbiological stabilisation 
  • Integrity test devices


  • Trap filter
  • Clarification
  • Vapor
  • Technical gases 


  • Nitrogen purification / Technical gases
  • Steam treatments
  • Filtration of river/ well / sea water to feed reverse osmosis plants
  • Compliance with “Food contact” regulations
  • “Halal” and ACS certified Polymeric Filtering Elements
  • Materials free from animal additives and derivates
  • “Culinary Steam” suitable metallic filtering elements, with material certifications
  • Feasibility and sizing study for the plant through the analysis of the following parameters: Filtration Index, Trans Membrane Flow, turbidity measurement (NTU), particle counting
  • Verification of Integrity Test in BEA laboratory
  • Analysis of the bacterial retention test results
  • Compatibility, release and absorption studies
  • Staff training


  • Pilot plants for testing directly on production sites
  • Integrity test in the field
  • Cleaning and filtering elements regeneration services
  • Consultancy services and process control for the filtration phase optimisation
  • Staff training in the filtration systems use
  • International technical assistance

MAGNEXFLO – Automatic systems for wine filtration

Cellar filtration system MAGNEXFLO represents the 100% Italian solution for filtration in the cellar: it combines the efficiency of filtration with the greater respect for your wine properties. The automatic version constantly monitors all the process phases, while flow rate, pressure and temperature values are continuously recorded and displayed. The washing, CIP and regeneration cycles are pre-configured in the PLC control system, in order to assure greater safety and reduce the waste of water, energy and sanitizing solution. The automation eliminates the operational errors and reduces the manpower, that can be used for other activities.


At BEA Technologies we design and manufacture automatic multi-stage micro-filtration systems for the “cold” microbiological stabilization of wine, beer and soft drinks.

These systems constantly monitor every phase of the process: sterilization, integrity test, washing and regeneration. The automation is implemented in order to integrate all phases into the production processes, according to the  guidelines for process digitalization.


At BEA Technologies we provide machine manufacturers and industrial service companies with special lines of products  made in private label The Sales and technical departments are available to help costumers find the best solution to their needs. Legal constraints, critical issues and the process complexity must be carefully considered while selecting the filters to be made as Private Label.