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Filtration Systems

The OIL&GAS industry is looking for new products and applications that are able to solve some recurring production problems and  that can improve the throughput and the efficiency of industrial processes. The new technologies, while enhancing the quality of final product, will have beneficial effects on productivity and on the reduction of operative and maintenance costs.

BEA Technologies can offer proven solutions, for the filtration of liquids and compressed gases, dedicated to the specific requirements of companies active in drilling and refining of oil, extraction and treatment of natural gas, production of petrochemicals, polymers and Energy generation.

The knowledge of typical applications such as filtration of gasoils and fuels, intermediate products of distillation, solvents, polymers, protection of catalyst beds and heat exchangers, condensate treatment, has allowed BEA Technologies to develop filters and filtration systems that meet the performances required to satisfy current industry requirements.

OIL-GAS drilling and extraction, FPSO and OFFSHORE platforms. 

  • Treatment of Product water and cooling water . 
  • Filtration of “crude oils” and of raw feed stocks. 
  • Precision filtration of  “water for Injection on wells”. 
  • Protection to gas dehydration plants. 
  • Clarification of MEG and TEG solutions. 
  • COALESCER filters and SEPARATORS to separate oil and water from  natural gas. 
  • Treatment of gas condensates (HC condensate). 
  • Filtration on FPSO ships. 
  • Filtration for offshore platforms. 
  • Purification of additives, methanol and solvents injected for oil and gas extraction.


  • Filtration of intermediate products from distillation as GASOIL, VGO, HVGO, DHDT. 
  • Purification of nitrogen or carry gas in OCTANIZER UNITS (FINE DUST FILTERS). 
  • COALESCER filters to separate water from fuels and cleaning of fuels
  • Automatic filtration system for FCC and RFCC units. 
  • Automatic filtration systems for  SLURRY OIL units . 
  • Purification of compressed gas and technical gas.. 
  • Filters for solvent recovery. 
  • Filters for Fertilizer plants. 
  • Filters for Amine treatment. 
  • Filters for treatment of Product water and cooling water. 
  • Automatic backwashing filters for “make-up water” and cooling towers.


  • Clarification of biodiesel, other biofuels and gases from Biomass.


  • Automatic backwashing filters for “make-up water” and cooling towers. 
  • Filtration of hydraulic oils and utilities for turbines. 
  • Conditioning and purification of fuel gas for burners and turbines. 
  • Purification of compressed air/gas and steam. 
  • Filtration for protection of reverse osmosis plants. 
  • Condensate treatment.


  • High pressure separators for natural gas and retention of coke particles
  • Coalescer filters for natural gas.  
  • Multi-cyclone filters for heavy contaminated natural gas. 
  • Conditioning, filtration and measuring  packages for natural gas.


  • Filtration for polymer production. 
  • Purification of polymers 
  • Solvent recovery. 
  • Process water treatment and management of utilities (compressed gas/steam). 
  • Spargers for  gas diffusion in tanks and reactors. 
  • Separation of solids and clarification of waste water before biological treatment.
  • Design according to the major  European and International codes (PED, ASME ecc.). 
  • Declaration of Conformity for BEA filters issued in compliance with the major European and International Codes and Directives (PED, ATEX, ASME, EAC, GOST, CU-TR, SQL). 
  • Construction and welding with special materials, controls for filter pressure vessels which are realized according to customer’s specifications and requirements.  
  • Production of filtering systems, pressure vessels and metal structures
  • Recognition for BV MODE II Scheme
  • Tests can be carried out in our internal laboratory or at the  customer’s sites  to verify sizing of filtration systems and optimize filtration process. 
  • Worldwide Technical  assistance. 
  •  Up-to-date stock of Spare Parts to ensure urgent delivery in case of emergencies. 
  • Customer service can answer to any technical and commercial request.


DUOMATIC is BEA trade mark of AUTOMATIC BACKWASHING FEED FILTERS specifically designed by BEA Technologies to continuously remove oversize solids, iron sulfide, coke fines, metal-oxide particles and other solid contaminants from feedstocks in refineries and petrochemical plants. It is applied primarily for solids control in HYDRODESULFURIZER, HYDROCRACKER , DCU and PETROCHEMICAL REACTORS in order to protect the catalyst beds from contamination and fast plugging. The installation of a DUOMATIC Automatic Feed Filter bring a consistent improvement to the service life and efficiency of catalyst beds with significant benefits in term of increased productivity and reduction of maintenance costs even in high temperature processes.


PROMATIC is BEA trade mark for  Automatic Filtration Systems specifically designed to remove high quantities of oversize solids, catalyst fine particles, coke fines and various different contaminants from Oil & Gas “feedstocks”. 

It is applied primarly for clarification of Heavy oils, Slurry oils, Amine solutions, solutions of chemical products and condensates when only a small quantity of product can be sent to waste or can be recovered as sub-products. In some cases catalyst fines or other solid particles must be separated by the main product to be re-used or to improve the recovery rate. 

PROMATIC FILTER SYSTEMis a fully automatic filtration package able to process even viscous liquid solutions, designed to reach high separation efficiency of fine particles down to 5.0 microns and reduce the amount of separated slurry going to waste.


Solid and liquid contaminants represent a serious problem during transportation of natural gas and fuel gas to feed Turbines and burners or passing through highly sensitive instruments such as metering systems and Flow control valves. These equipment and instruments can be seriously damaged, without the previous purification of inlet gas, causing malfunction and increase of maintenance costs. Solid particles and oily/water droplets which are dispersed in the gas stream, if not removed, tend to create deposits in the internal parts of Metering systems and Flow Control Valves which cause false metering or plugging the nozzles of burners to reduce gas combustion efficiency. BEA Technologies, to prevent these problems, has developed various GAS Filtration and FUEL GAS Conditioning packages based on proprietary highly efficient filters dedicated to gas purification:

  • Single stage or double stage High efficiency Gas separators/coalescers, both in horizontal or vertical configuration, with demister or vane pack;
  • High retention efficiency particle filters for removal of solid particles or filters with double stage including additional mechanical separation devices as multi-cyclones and vane-packs.


BLOWMATIC is a blow back filter installed in refineries and petrochemical plants.  

Fine dust filters” are used in plants where it is necessary to separate “Fine dusts” or fine catalyst particles transported from the off-gas of catalytic processes or Octanizer units.  

The proved and reliable gas backwashing system adopted by BEA Technologies on BLOWMATIC filters can operate at high and low gas pressure to ensure a high regeneration capacity of filter elements for long time.

BEA Technologies can supply filters equipped with sintered metal filter cartridges or polymeric filter elements characterized by high separation efficiency and high retention capacity.

FILTROMATIC – Automatic water self-cleaning filters

FILTROMATIC  is BEA trade mark of Automatic Self-cleaning Filters which incorporate the specific design and application experience of BEA Technologies for clarification of water flow rates from 20 m3/h to 10.000 m3/h. Due to the robustness of construction and high operative reliability of these filters, the AL series represents the ideal solution for filtration of fresh water, industrial process water and aqueous liquids, while AM series, with special internal coating, is dedicated for filtration of sea water and brackish water.

FILTROMATIC is designed for 24 /24 hours continuous service for 365 days/year. Backwashing is automatically controlled, while the FILTROMATIC continues the filtration, with minimal loss of water for filter regeneration. All FILTROMATIC filters of AL, AM and SM series comply with CE regulations and can be manufactured according to ASME code.

FLOWMATIC - Automatic water self-cleaning filters

The automatic self-cleaning filter Type FLOWMATIC is designed to remove solid and sand particles from river and sea water used for cooling or industrial purposes. The filter is manufactured with a filtration rating from 1000 to 3000 micron and is specifically indicated for the protection of heat exchangers because it can operate 24 hours a day without local  surveillance. 

The flow rate of  the water is guaranteed also when the filter is in back-washing mode. The back-washing is started by means of a DP signal and controlled by a timer.


UNYVER is BEA trade mark for vertical and horizontal precoat leaf filters, which are characterized by a very high filtration area. They are recommended for the filtration of liquids with medium-high content of solids with high fouling effect and where the cake of solid particles must be recovered in dry form for disposal. Filter’s leaves are vertically mounted and kept in parallel by spacers; the filtered product is collected by the manifold which supports the leaves and the built up cake is finally discharged through a large drain butterfly valve. Our proposal can include the single filters or the complete package of leaf filters including precoat and feed pumps, precoat tank and filter aids dosing systems.


The presence of solid and liquid contaminants are representing a serious problem in the processes for natural gas extraction, treatment and transportation through pipelines. Highly sensitive instruments such as Flow control valves and equipment as compressors or turbines can be seriously damaged without the purification  of inlet natural gas  causing increased maintenance costs. 

Solid particles and oily/water droplets which are dispersed in the gas stream, if not removed, tend to “glue” together in the pipelines thus creating deposits which cause increase of pressure drop and reduction of transmission efficiency. 

BEA Technologies, to prevent these problems, has developed different types of high efficiency filters dedicated to gas purification: 

  • High efficiency Gas separators/coalescers single stage or double stage, both in horizontal or vertical configuration, with demister or vane pack. 
  • High retention efficiency particle filters for removal of solid particles or filters with double stage including additional mechanical separation devices as multicyclones.


The regulations concerning the quality requirements of many fluids and liquids used by the industry are becoming increasingly restrictive.

BEA Technologies can provide new generations of high performance filters that can be used in the broad spectrum of all those production processes that require high quality standards.

BEA Technologies can recommend the best filters to solve your quality problems and make you fully compliant with the regulations that apply to producers of oils, lubricating oils, polymers, additives, chemical solutions, technical gases and machinery manufacturers.