Worldwide assistance

BEA Technologies

BEA Technologies is organized to provide assistance and specific consultancy services to customer in applications subjected to national and international regulations requiring the certification of product or the validation of filter installed in the process.

Support to qualification

Technical support for validation procedure with preparation of IQ,PQ,OQ protocols adapted to customer’s processes, assistance to preparation of “regulatory support files” for applications in lifescience.

Feasability studies

Feasibility studies and sizing of the filtration equipment through analysis of different paramenters as: Filtration Index , Trans Membrane Flow, Turbidity Index (NTU), particle counting.

Training courses

BEA Technologies organizes, on customer’s request, formation courses inhouse/on site to train the customer’s personnel in management of filters and filtration systems.

Particle analysis

BEA’s laboratory can execute quantitative particle analysis and contaminant characterization on sample of liquids sent by customers.

Microbiological analysis

Sterilizing filter elements are subjected to “bacteria challenge” tests in compliance to international regulations to guarantee the bacteria retention capacity in the specific conditions of use.

Assistance for start-up and plant control

Following the supply of filters and filtration systems, BEA Technologies provides assistance during start-up phases to guarantee the optimization of working parameters.

Chemical compatibility studies of materials

Filter elements are subjected to material and chemical compatibility tests, applying destructive and non-destructive methods, to guarantee the resistance and retention capacity in the specific condition of customer’s production process.​


The company has built-up a network of agents and distributors through Europe, America, Asia and Middle East to be able to provide both Pre-sale and post-sale local commercial assistance.


The constant search for quality drives the activity and the production process of BEA Technologies to guarantee reliable, competitive and innovative solutions for filtration, in compliance to most advanced standards of different industrial activities. A Team specialized in filtration, in microfiltration and in industrial applications can provide consultancy both during selection of filter and during optimization of filtration process, to obtain high performances through time.


The Customer Service is available to listen, to understand and to find solutions both commercial and logistic to customer’s requests. BEA Technologies’s TEAM of expert technicians can provide Pre-sale and Post-sale professional assistance to ensure an efficient “problem solving” capacity and consultancy service.


To guarantee delivery time, the company maintains a stock of finished products ready for shipment in the headquarter of Pero, close to Milan city, the international airport and the network of motorways.

The Customer Service and Technical Assistance are available to listen, understand and find solutions to your commercial queries.