BEA Technologies


BEA Technologies has developed specific filter elements targeted to guarantee the highest quality of products in the most critical applications of the Bio-pharmaceutical industry.  These filter elements are marketed under “BEAPURE” trade mark, which incorporate the use of high pure materials delivered by a carefully controlled “Supply chain”.

BEAPURE means designed with the target of maximum safety for final patients:

  • Materials used in production which are characterized to be BSE/TSE free and have “Animal-free” statement.
  • Production materials in compliance with regulations and from carefully controlled “Supply chain”.
    • Regular and repeated quality controls in BEA internal laboratory and analysis of extractables executed in external laboratories.
  • Production in a highly controlled environment to guarantee accurate protection from external contamination.
  • Traceability and careful marking of production materials to guarantee the “quality chain” from manufacturer to final user.
  • Compliance with most recently issued European, USP and FDA regulations and codes.