BEA Technologies Excellence Award

Special Announcement: BEA Technologies is listed among the 100 Italian Excellences. – Queen ballroom in Montecitorio Palace – Rome

We are thrilled to announce that BEA Technologies has been honored with the title of Italian Excellence, recognizing our consistent commitment to researching new technologies, such as “NanoFiber Filtration Elements.” This award reflects our dedication and commitment to our esteemed clients.

The cultural association Liber, in collaboration with the publishing house Rde of publisher Riccardo Dell’Anna, organizes an annual event to celebrate one hundred prominent figures in various sectors, acknowledging the contribution of personalities, institutions, and companies that have achieved significant results in their respective fields.

This ceremony, supported by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, eleven Ministries, and three other institutional bodies, was opened by the Vice President of the Chamber, Giorgio Mulè.

During the event, the protagonists of the one hundred success stories representative of the economy, sciences, arts, sports, social fields, and public administration took part. These individuals and companies were selected by Rde under the supervision of a distinguished Honorary Committee chaired by Prof. Avv. Pasquale Stanzione, President of the Authority to guarantee Privacy. They were awarded the “100 Stories of Excellence’” prize during the ceremony.