Actions and Investments to Gradually Reduce Delivery Times

At BEA Technologies, we are constantly committed to meeting all urgent delivery requests and reciprocating the trust placed in us by our customers.

The elongation of lead times for basic raw materials used in the production of filtering elements has resulted in increased workload within our production department. In order to alleviate any inconvenience caused by delivery times for our customers, we have hired new production staff, enhanced our processes, implemented Quality Control departments, and procured more automated and faster machinery. Additionally, a new building is undergoing restructuring to double the production area in the cleanroom (where we manufacture filtering elements for the most critical sectors).

After overcoming administrative and bureaucratic complications and obtaining the necessary authorizations, the construction has finally commenced and is progressing as scheduled. By spring, we anticipate significant progress, aiming to have completed the setup and installation of the new machinery before the end of summer. To ensure timely acquisition of all necessary basic materials for assembling filtering elements, including raw materials and semi-finished products, we’ve acquired a new warehouse and installed automated vertical warehouses in the existing facilities to expedite shipment of finished products.

We kindly ask for a bit more patience while assuring our utmost efforts to meet your requirements. At the end of this intricate journey, we will have even better products to offer—manufactured in Italy with competitive prices and services.

The Sales, Customer Service, and Production teams at BEA Technologies have devoted significant efforts to fulfill all urgent delivery requests and reciprocate the trust our customers have placed in us.