BEA Technologies acquires TECNO INOX!

BEA Technologies S.p.A, an Italian company active in filtration technologies, announces the acquisition of the business branch of TECNO INOX, an Italian manufacturer of stainless steel pressure vessels. This investment aims to develop the design and construction of vessels used in the filtration processes.

The business branch, based in Busto Garolfo, specializes in the construction techniques of filtration vessels and will be equipped with new automatic welding equipment to ensure increasingly higher quality levels. Pressure containers can be used to purify air, gas, and liquids in the food, beverage, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors characterized by interesting growth dynamics.

The BEA Technology team will leverage its expertise to enable TECNO INOX’s business branch to integrate and embark on a path of technological growth and production capacity enhancement. The acquisition will allow BEA Technologies to create new synergies and expand the filtration product offerings to new clients and new applications.