Filtromatic and Flowmatic, the BEA Technologies filters for water purification

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BEA Technologies produces the automatic filters Filtromatic and Flowmatic, specifically for purification of seawater which feeds desalination plants.

The scarcity of water resources is an increasing problem for many parts of the world. Often the unique alternative, to obtain increased quantity of potable water, is the installation of new desalination or R.O. plants along the sea coasts or along rivers. There are thousands of desalination plants that are producing millions of cubic meters of freshwater every day to service millions of people with filtered and potable water.

BEA Technologies is producing the automatic Filters FILTROMATIC and FLOWMATIC which are installed to filter the river water or sea water pumped to the desalination plants to protect the costly Reverse Osmosis membranes from fouling by solid particles and algae to extend the service life of the membranes, to reduce operation costs and improve the efficiency of desalination process.

BEA Technologies is offering its competence in filtration specific for Desalination plants to assist engineering contractors and customers to determine the correct dimensions of filtration units to be installed in their projects to save operational costs and obtain planned benefits.