BEA Technologies spa designs and produces a series of “innovative” filters and filtration systems for the treatment of compressed liquids and gases, that meet the most critical demands of both Italian and International Markets.

These are the current projects we are developing, in order to always be in the forefront of filtration technologies:

1- Application of new machinery in line with « Industry 4.0 » during the production process. The introduction of machinery integrated with the central system during the production process will allow to optimize the production processes in order to increase capacity, flexibility and production reliability.

2- New website in 7 languages, to improve International customers access and enhance the Company visibility on the global Market.

3- We are launching on the market several new automated filtration systems, that are able to constantly monitor each phase of the process, thus guaranteeing efficiency, safety and consumptions reduction.

4- The creation of a strong line of communication through a monthly newsletter is part of the Company mission: it guarantees transparency, a constant sharing of information with our costumers, fairness and quality. 

BEA Technologies goal is to offer our partners full support in finding solutions that are the most suitable for eliminating or reducing contamination and obtain increasingly pure products.