BEA Technologies

BEA Technologies develops and produces in Italy, since 1961 a full line of filters and automatic filtration systems for purification of liquids and compressed gases.

The filters and filtration systems produced by BEA Technologies are designed and manufactured in compliance with International standards specifically required by the following industries:

Life Science, Food & Beverage, Air & Gas treatment, Industry, Energy Oil & Gas.

Company history


In 1961 the company "Aldo Bea" was founded, which specialized in instrumentation. It then becomes "Bea Filtri Spa" dedicating itself to filtration.


In 1968 began the construction of filter elements for particle treatments.


From 1981 the Company is focused on the construction of filter elements with an absolute filtration rating used for high critical applications.


In 1984 has created the BEA Laboratory Service for R&D activities on Pre Post assistance. The filter is produced with an absolute filtration rating of 0.2 micron.


In 1987 the laboratory has been equipped with a laser particle counter to check the efficiency of the filters and the MICROBIOLOGY department is set up, to executive tests of bacteria retention and bacteria challenge on sterilizing membrane filter elements.


In 1990 the CAD system was introduced for design of pressure vessels.


In 1994 obtained the UNI-EN 9001 CERTIFICATION (ISO 9001) for the Quality System.


In 1996 a new CLEAN ROOM has been built for the production of filter elements in compliance with pharmaceutical standards.


In 1998 the “PYROGEN FREE” water plant has been installed with the consequent expansion of production activity of the Clean Room for the bio-medical sector.


In 2002, the production capacity of micro-filtration increased with expansion of the CLEAN ROOM and the CAD system enhanced with the latest generation of software in the modernization of the entire IT system.


In 2004 the name of the company is changed into BEA Technologies SPA, in order to identify the mission of providing innovative products to customers.


In 2011, it has triple-increased the production capacity thanks to the expansion of the WHITE CAMERA and the introduction of new updated machinery and at the most modern production processes.


In 2017, as part of the National Industry 4.0 Plan, BEA invests in technologies and machinery to support digital transformation, and therefore increase efficiency and improve competitiveness.


Launch of the new series of filter elements “BEAPURE” characterized by the new philosophy to be “Animal Free” without additives of animal origin.


Design of the new CLEAN ROOM to cope with the increase in production capacity; realization of AUTOMATIC VERTICAL WAREHOUSES for the rapid handling of the finished product.