“Animal Free” philosophy

BEA Technologies has developed a new line of filter elements for biopharmaceutical use by applying the “BEAPURE” concept. This concept involves the use of Animal Free high purity materials delivered by a controlled supply chain to build filter elements dedicated to critical applications, guaranteeing the highest quality of pharmaceutical products.

BEAPURE means designing with the goal of end patient safety:

  • Materials free from derivatives and additives of animal origin (BSE / TSE free and Animal-free statements).
  • Production materials of controlled origin and in compliance with regulations.
  • Periodic and repeated checks in the BEA Laboratory for exytractables adn potential leachables.
  • Protection from external contamination during production.
  • Traceability and rapid and safe marking of production materials to help operators to guarantee quality.
  • Compliance with the latest European regulations, USP and FDA.

BEA Technologies offers its experience in filtration to help customers in the “Life Science” sector to achieve the best results in the purification of products at the best “Quality-price ratio” and safety levels prescribed by “Pharmacopea”.